Brake and Clutch Supply, Inc. was founded in 1962. Cascade Friction Materials, Inc. was founded in 1982. We have 24 employees, a 21,000 sq. ft. warehouse, a machine shop, a fabrication shop, a bonding shop, a clutch shop, and tear down areas for brake shoes, clutches, and industrial frictions.

Our dedicated staff in either location is well trained, and experienced. Our courteous and professional employees work hard to satisfy the most demanding of customer needs. It has been our pleasure to serve the Northwest for over 35 years. We are constantly looking for new and better ways to help our customers get the job done efficiently, maintaining high service quality at reasonable prices. We look forward to a bright future doing our best to meet the needs of the Automotive, Heavy Duty, Agricultural, and Industrial market.

If it's old, difficult to find, or no longer made, we can get it for you. We excel at having, finding, or configuring Brakes, Clutches, Agricultural, and Industrial Frictions, as well as Air and Hydraulic brake parts.


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